A Playdate and A Picnic

There is a bag of cookies in the kitchen calling my name.

I must resist.  No cookies for me! AHHHH!

Anyway- the Toddler and I went on a playdate today. I had a nice time, I think she did too. She played and played and played! I had to drag her to the truck screaming because she didn’t want to leave.

It was just me and one other lady, the one who started the Meetup group. Which is fine with me, I think it’s better to get to know each other a bit when its one on one… well, one on one plus small people. She had two little ones with her.  She was shocked to find out the Toddler was only 3, not that I am surprised because everyone is. Her son is almost 3, and she towered over him. It just kind of makes me laugh.

We chatted, the kids played, slid, swinged, laughed, ran, hit. cried and then we went home. 🙂  I get so little time to really talk to grown ups it was amazing to have adult conversation for an hour! Oh, and she’s a step mom too, which is a plus too!

Afer we got home, I thought it would be fun to have lunch outside. So I got a blanket and we had a picnic under the hibiscus tree in our front yard.  We ate cheese sandwiches and drank juice boxes. It was a very nice afternoon.

Now, if I could just get those cookies to stop yelling at me! (I am not eating them, I am not eating them, I am not eating them! I’ve been really good this week so far! I guess buying them was probably not the best move…)

On that note, I’m going to go see if I can get the Toddler into bed without waking her from the livingroom where she fell asleep. And I need to make my to-do list for tomorrow.. Lots to do!

Nighty night! 🙂


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