Unplugging- Let’s try this again!

So, last weekend I had a mostly failed attempt at unplugging.

 I’m going to try it again tomorrow (Saturday).

I’m not even going to turn the computer on. Once its off tonight, its off. No Facebook, no Farmville, no Cafe World.. no email. Nothing. I am even going to shut off the Facebook SMS notifications to my phone.

My hubby is only home for a short time this weekend again, so we are going to make the most of it. 

Nothing else is terribly exciting…

1. The battery in the truck died, so I havent been able to go anywhere since Wednesday.

2. I am working on putting together Emergency Preparedness kits. With all the talk of earthquakes and tsunamis lately, I’m stupid not to have already done this.  We do live in earthquake country after all.

3. Oh, I think I have successfully taught the dog to lay down. Go me.

4. My camera died. But I got a new and better one, I’m very excited about it.

5. Spring is here, the stupid fruit flies have invaded my house again. GRRR.

That’s about it.  Signing off until Sunday!

Have a great weekend! 🙂


2 responses to “Unplugging- Let’s try this again!

  1. Hope it went well! I have 143 consecutive days on Cafe World now, don’t think I could do a 100% all-day unplug 😉

    • It was definitely hard! Espcially since I was in the middle of the baseball catering order in Cafe World! 🙂 I did log on once just to wish my niece a happy birthday, otherwise I was facebook free!

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