my swapping dream come true

I posted this on myother blog yesterday, and thought I would share it here too!  (Did you know I had another blog? It’s about poop. No, really it is. Check it out sometime. Pooptastrophy: It’s a catastrophe but with poop.   🙂 )

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**Disclaimer: Just to be clear, has not paid me to say any of these things, or even asked me to for that matter, they are really not affiliated with this post at all, other than me professing my newfound love of their service!  I just thought you should know. 😉 Image is from Now on with the post! 🙂 

So- Thanks to a Facebook friend I discovered a few days ago! It’s GENIUS and AWESOME!! And I am in love! 

What is it you ask? Well let me tell you…

It’s a kids clothing and toy swap!  No more countless hours of meticulously listing stuff on eBay only for it to sell for pennies, or boxes and bags of clothes piling up in the garage!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3! (As per their website,and it really is!)

1. PICK! Pick a box and pay $5 + $10.95 USPS Priority shipping

2. LIST! List a box of your own child’s gently used clothes or toys.

3. SEND! When someone picks your box- send it!

 Wait- I haven’t even gotten to the best parts yet!

They seriously do almost everything for you, and give you money to spend!

I got an invitation on Facebook that my friend had sent me $5  So I only had to pay shipping for my first box.  Plus, if you invite your friends and they buy a box, not only do they get $5 you get $5! You can also earn extra “money” when you list sizes from their “low supply” list.  And the credits you can use for anything- to buy boxes, shipping, even the PRO membership! (I’ll tell you about that in a minute)

When you sign up, they order 10 USPS priority Mail flat rate boxes for you, they come straight to your door.  Or if you can’t wait to list boxes you can go get some at the post office. I already had some here, so I listed some today!

The listing was SUPER SIMPLE! They have a very user-friendly, form to list everything. It took maybe 10 minutes to list one box stuffed full of clothes. And their “Golden Rule” is to the effect of Don’t send anything you wouldn’t want to get yourself. 

Then, once you list your boxes and someone picks one- you print out the packing slip and shipping label and they schedule a pick up for you!  You just affix the postage and hand it to your mail carrier!  So easy!

So, I mentioned the PRO membership. It is $29.99 for the year. $4.99 a month or something else I can’t remember right now. I got a week free when I invited some friends!

With the PRO membership you get extra goodies.. like the “Golden Threds” which are special boxes of brand new items from retailers they have partnered with that you get for $5! And finding those are kind of like a scavenger hunt! You also get perks like getting to see boxes before they are listed to the basic members. There is a whole list of perks for the membership!

What else was I going to tell you? I had like 50 things I was so excited about! LOL Oh! I remember, its kind of like eBay in the fact that it’s a community. You have to give feedback and review the box that you receive. And if you buy a box, you are expected to list one as well.

I hope you think this is as fabulous as I do!  I know that as fast as my dear gigantic toddler grows, I hate having to buy her new clothes all the time!  This is going to be great! I already picked two boxes for her!  And all of her barely worn clothes can go to a new home!

Oh, and if you want to check it out..  its

I got the first box that I bought in the mail today. It is awesome! Everything in the box looks brand new, and the sender even threw in an extra outfit that wasn’t listed! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited the toddler was to open her box! She was thrilled about everything in there! She immediately wanted to put one of the sundresses on over her clothes!  She ran around most of the afternoon wearing it…and has now switched to a differnet shirt! I hope all the boxes are like that!

And 2 of the ones I listed sold last night! They will be headed off to their new homes tomorrow! Yay!

Happy Swapping!


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