More Coupon Love

I just wanted to mention a couple of the good deals I got at the grocery store and Target recently!#1- Dog Toys! I got one of these toys for the dog on clearance in the middle of February for $3.99. The original price was $4.99. He LOVED it! And proceeded to rip it to shreds within a few days. So I was in the doggie isle in Target one day and saw that they still had them. Low and behold they were marked down again!

Marked down to $1.24! I bought all 5 that they had left. (He has 3 left now 2 have already gone to doggie toy heaven. 😦 )

$6.20 for $24.95 worth of dog toys! Savings: 72%!

 #2  Totino’s Party Pizza & Pizza Rolls- I got 3 for a total of 49 cents! or 16 cents a piece. They are normally around $1.50+ for one. Von’s had them on sale with a special coupon for 99 cents each with a limit of 3.  I had 3 coupons..  each 50 cents off… two of them doubled.. viola! I only paid for half of one!

$0.49 for $4.50 of pizza! 89% savings!

#3. A Bottle of Frank’s Red Hot- FREEEEEEE!  There was a coupon in the paper for a free bottle. No other purchase required. Just up to a $2.99 value!

$0.00 for $2.99 of sauce! 100% savings!
#4  Some feminine plumbing products: These  U by Kotex pads were on clearance for overstock or something. Normally $4.99 a box- marked down to $1.99. I had 2 save $2.50 on 2 coupons.  (And these are only the small boxes with 15 or 20 pads inside.)  I paid- $.74 a box! 4 boxes for $2.96, AMAZING!
$2.96 for $19.98 worth of pads. 85% savings!
#5 Cleaning supplies: Glade and Febreeze air freshener, 409, Soft Scrub and Windex! These are all normally about $3.99 a bottle. Vons was having a buy 3 or more and get them for $1.99 each. I had coupons for $1.00 off each one(a couple were doubled to $1)- so they cost me each $.99. I’m a sucker for cheap air freshener!  The new Glade spring fragrance is really nice- and $.99 febreeze is crazy!

$4.95 for !9.95 worth of cleaning supplies! 75% savings!

#6  2 Reams of HP printer paper! This deal is from Staples! I will have paid (after I get the rebate check in the mail)  $1.00 for 2 reams of paper. There is a coupon on for $1.00 off a ream of HP paper. Staples has it on sale for $5.99 (normally $7.99) plus the coupon plus a $4.99 easy rebate, I paid $1 for both. I would have printed our 2 coupons and gotten them both free, but I really only had 1 piece of paper left!

Have I mentioned how much I love a good bargain? 🙂


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  1. what a blessing this is to your family–a ministry!

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