My day of unplugging = almost an epic fail.

So, on  Saturday I tried to unplug for the day. I really did.

After my last post, I actually wrote another quick post for my other blog, and shut off the computer. That part was easy. I did not open my computer again until Sunday morning.

That pesky little computer, otherwise known as my iPhone, in my pocket on the other hand…   was amazingly hard to stay away from. 

I did fairly well most of the day.  I did hubby’s laundry, watch the Toddler run around outside for a while… helped her try to ride her bike, blew some bubbles… it was a little chilly, but it was nice. This was while my darling Hubby changed the oil in the truck.  (Yay for fresh oil! And she even got new tires saturday too!)

Anyway- then we decided that we were going to head to the drive in! To see “THE WANGO MOOO-VEEEEE” ! The Toddler was very very excited to go. I put her “in charge” of having Daddy get the pillows and blankets together while I ran to the dollar store for candy and popcorn.. and got some Taco Bell for dinner.

Can I just go off on a tangent about the drive in for a minute? I LOVE the Drive in. It is such a better deal than going to the regular movies- especially with a toddler.  Let’s do the math:


Regular movies: $12 a person x 3 = $36, not including the toddler                    Drive In: $7 a person x 3 =$21 and kids under 5 are FREE! Oh, and did I mention that is for TWO movies? Double Feature! YAY!


Regular Movies: An arm and a leg and your first-born.  Or at least $18 for 2 medium drinks and a large popcorn.                                                                                  Drive In: Bring your own!  I spent $19 at the dollar store for 3 20 oz bottles of soda, a 4 pack of microwave popcorn, fancy popcorn bags to put it in and an abundance of candy.

So, it was definitely the better way to go. We spent $50 for Dinner, two movies and more snacks than we could eat. I think that’s a good deal, and it was fun- once the Toddler fell asleep that is. Oh, and we saw Rango and Red Riding Hood. Rango was eh. Red Riding Hood was pretty good. I think it was trying too hard to be twilighty though. I was really amused by the fact that Red Riding Hood’ s dad was played by Billy Burke who plays Bella’s dad in the Twilight Saga.  🙂

Anyway- back to being unplugged.

We were in the truck on our way to the drive in and my phone dinged that little sound it makes when I get a text. (I knew I should have just shut the phone OFF.)You know the one… you hear it everywhere… any movie or tv show that has iPhones has that sound.  I looked at it.

It was a status update from Facebook from my Brother in law, or his ex girlfriend… I can’t remember which one it was that time. They were having some serious passive-aggressive thing going on about custody of an iPod and silverware and it was all pretty darn hilarious. I don’t know why one didn’t just unfriend the other already. They were blaming each other for being childish, or “putting their shortcomings” on the other… whatever. They were both being pretty childish if you ask me. At least my brother-in-law finally unfriended her yesterday. So now the unfriend-er is asking me about the unfriend-ee’s Facebook posts. So funny.!

That was it. That post has me glued back to the screen. I posted a picture of an excited toddler with her “pock-corn” in hand and I was thoroughly plugged in again.

 Oh well. I made it a few hours. I guess it wasnt an EPIC FAIL per say…. but it was a FAIL none-the-less.

Next time- I am shutting off the phone.


2 responses to “My day of unplugging = almost an epic fail.

  1. fun day–and don’t think it was “fail”–it kept you mindful, right?

    • Maybe you are right… not a complele fail. It made me amazingly aware of how much I play with my phone. Next time I am definitely shutting the phone off, or at least shutting off the Facebook notifications! 😉

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