Maybe people don’t suck as much as I thought…

  So, the morning after I posted “Why Do People Suck?” I got a Facebook message from the New Girl, saying that she was going to stop here on her way into town. I was kind of shocked, but excited to see her.

Then when she was almost here she called and asked if I could watch her daughter for a couple of hours , so she could go do something with her friend. I agreed. My  girls would be excited.  It was nice… they were crazy.  It’s good for the Toddler to play with other kids than her sister, even if the other kid is 9. They had a lot fun. The Todder’s first words this morning were “Mama, where my friends go?”

She’s supposed to come back over on Monday on her way  out of town to hang out and get coffee. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.

Maybe people don’t suck as much as I thought they did.

Oh, I still don’t know whether to bring up the Disneyland thing or not… I may just have to let it go. The Teen was not hurt in any way over it, since I didn’t tell her about it. I don’t know… we’ll see what happens on Monday.


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