The Mystery of the Heavy Backpack

Here’s my dilemma on this chilly Monday morning…

One of the great mysteries of my life is why my dear daughters backpack always looks so incredibly heavy.  It just looks like it weighs 50 pounds, let alone watch her lift it and you realize it just might weigh that much.

Here’s the thing though- she doesn’t have huge text books to carry back and forth every day. Her school checks out a copy of each text book that she needs for her to keep at home. Each classroom has one set that they keep in the room for the students to use while they are there. Oh, and they also don’t have lockers, so she has to lug her seemingly 50 pound back pack around with her all day long.

Why is the bag so heavy then? My curiosity got the best of me this morning. So I made the mistake of looking inside before she left.

Let me first preface this with, I havent actually looked inside this abyss since I followed the smell and found a rotting moldy sandwich in her lunchbox over Christmas break. My first mistake was not looking in it since then. 

Now that I’ve said that- OMG  and WTF.

In addition to an amazingly unorganized mass of paper sticking out of her binder every which way imaginable… random crumpled up papers. PE clothes- unfolded, library books, two notebooks… an empty water bottle, a half empty (reusable) water bottle.. and the best part… are you ready for this?

1 mostly brown and mushy almost rotting apple,  plastic bag #1 containing: a smashed maybe half eaten sandwich, an almost rotting apple and an unopened pudding cup, plastic bag #2 containing: a non rotting apple, a sandwich that consisted of 2 pieces of bread and 2 slices of cheese still covered in plastic and a pudding cup. and finally plastic bag #3 containing her lunch for today.


When I questioned her about it this morning her answer was

“Sometimes I’m not hungry for lunch.”

So you just don’t eat all day? She very seldom comes home from school and says anything about being hungry, or wanting a snack or anything. She doesn’t say a single word about food. Ever.  She doesn’t eat until I get around to making dinner. And it’s completely normal for us to not eat until 7:00.  So, some days apparently she doesnt eat for 12 hours.

When I asked about being hungry and not eating anything after school she says “I’m not allowed to.” Really? Since when? Considering I make the rules. that’s a new one on me. I know we’ve had at least one converstation about if you are hungry- EAT. I’m never going to not let you eat.

She has this thing, prbably some form of a defense machanism,  to try to get out of being in trouble, or when she’s confronted with something she doesnt know the answer to.  She will either make something up, or remember something that I said like 6 years ago, and take it out of context to suit her needs at that moment.

Anyway- I just don’t  know what to make of this. Part of me doesn’t believe this “I’m not hungry” thing.  My gut says that something doesn’t feel right.  But on the other hand, if she was really trying to hide something, wouldnt she throw away the evidence?

I dont’ know what to think.

Any thoughts?


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