an unlikely hero


That pretty much sums up how I feel today.

So in the two days I finally felt like my financial foes were being lifted off of my shoulders… I just had some of it come crashing back down.

Lamesauce. Although, this tale does have an unlikely hero.

So, we have been having some issues paying the exorbitant premium for our health insurance. $500 a month is a huge chunk of change for us at the moment. And it isn’t that great, being that we still have over $1000 to pay out-of-pocket from the trip the Toddler took to the ER back in November.

Anyway- We have really been trying to get caught up. I thought I had it all figured out. I called on Tuesday to make sure of the grace periods I had and what I had to pay.. blah blah blah… The guy I talked to said that I could pay one months premium (for January) and that would give me another 30 day grace period.. so that we would have to pay February and March’s premiums by the end of March to be caught up. Plus $50 of course… they kept mentioning that $50. I told him I’d call back in the next day or two.

Apparently this guy is a big, fat liar.

Hubby got paid today, so I called to make the payment. I told the woman who answered the phone, Nancy,  what I needed to do and she said.. “Oh. We can’t do just a one month payment. You need to pay two. But let me go ask. Please hold on.” Then I heard “thank you for calling. Goodbye.”

She totally hung up. Blarg.

So as I tried to calm down… the tears were welling up… since I didn’t know what I was going to do to try to come up with another months premium right now.  Its taken us this long to come up with this one.  But I called back.

By some miracle of the world, Nancy answered the phone again.

Which, I do believe it really was a true blue miracle. 

I told her who I was and she was glad I called back. She went to ask her supervisor if I could only make the one month payment.  She came back to say that it had to be 2 months. Double Blarg.

Then the tears started.   I just didn’t know what I was going to do.

I don’t know what possessed Nancy to do what she did next… pity? Kindness?

A customer service agent actually did something nice for me.

She went and processed my payment for one month. She claims she could probably get in trouble.. but I’ve worked in customer service and I’ve played that card before.  But maybe she could. Who knows.. Just the insurance company quality assurance people listening to the call I imagine.

Thank you Nancy, for giving me another 30 days to get my crap together. Our tax refund can’t come soon enough. Thank you for being in a call center that is actually in our country and not some outsourced center that is usually useless (as I’ve found from personal experience.)

Thank You for helping me and my family out. You have no idea how grateful I truly am. You are awesomesauce.  And I really hope you don’t get in trouble!

Happy Weekend!


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