Resolutions Revisited

 At the beginning of 2011, I made a list of New Years Resolutions.

Read them here.

I’ve decided that it is time to revisit them and see how I’m doing.

This should be interesting…

New Years Resolution #1- Post more! 

Result to date: I’ve actually been doing pretty well! I joined the PostAWeek2011 challenge and have been doing that and more!  In January I had  14 posts, and February so far I’ve had 15! Go me!

Resolutions 0  Me 1

New Years Resolution #2- We are going to find financial health this year. 

Result to date: Eh. We’re not doing super hot on this one so far. Mostly in part that hubby didn’t work for about 2.5 weeks at the end of december through January.. We lost almost an entire paycheck. Which makes paying the bills quite difficult.  But we currently have our heads barely above the water. It’s hard, but we’re trying. I will say however, that I kind of went a little crazy with a certain Teen’s birthday party.. may have put us a little more behind than we were. But it was worth it.

Resolutions 1 Me 1

New Years Resolution #3- Patience.

Result to Date: I think I’m doing better. I don’t feel like the Teen and I have been fighting as much as we were. Maybe I should ask her.  I have let her walk out the door looking on the verge of ridiculous (n my opinion). She left this morning wearing these arm warmers that I think are completely ridiculous, especially when she pushes the sleeves of her jacket up to her elbows so she can show them off. I didn’t say a word. I guess that’s progress!

Resolutions 1 Me 2

New Years Resolution #4- more Weight Loss.

Result to date: Not so hot. I’ve pretty much fallen off the wagon since Christmas. Which just makes me sad, since I could have been almost half way to my goal of 50 pounds by now. 😦  I will say that yesterday I officially got back on the wagon! Amazingly I have only gained about 2 pounds since I fell off. I have a little to make up, but my main goal (right now) is to lose 9 pounds. Then I will be at the weight I was after I went back to work after the Toddler was born and I had lost all of the baby weight. Which I also think was less  than I was before I got pregnant. 

Resolutions 2 Me 2

New Years Resolution #5- POTTY TRAINING 

Results to Date:  None. She has no interest at all yet in potty training. I’m going to keep working on her.  I still believe she will let me know when she’s ready, so I’m not going to force her.

Resolutions 3 Me 2

As for 6-10…

#6 Read more.   Eh.. I’ve been watching more movies than reading. Does that count?

#7 Keep the house cleaner, purge the junk.  Hmm.. I wish I could say this has gotten better. I did try to make a dent in the garage one day… I lasted about 10 minutes. I need to make hubby help some weekend.

#8 Not be so lazy about cooking dinner every night.  This I do believe has improved.  Yes, one night a week I get lazy and make chicken nuggets and french fries… or something out of a can. But the rest I am trying to make actual food.

#9 Go to my 20th High School Reunion if there is one. Still to be determined if we are having one! 

#10 actually make time for myself. Hmmm.. Have i made time? I try.. its hard though, with hubby gone most of the time, a Toddler on a really weird schedule… I try to relax when I can sneak in a few minutes. Mostly taking an uninterrupted shower that does not include a toddler in any way is time I relish. I did get to go on a movie date with my BFF while she was here list weekend. that was nice. 

Resolutions 5 Me 4 TBD 1

So It looks like right now, I am losing. At least it’s not the EPIC FAIL I thought it was!  I’ll keep you posted!


One response to “Resolutions Revisited

  1. It’s great to take a step back and take stock–good for you.

    it seems every step forward comes with another to the side.
    You are doing awesome.

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