Mommy is driving me nuts.


Is it weird that being called that makes me cringe?

I REALLY don’t like it.   I have no clue why it bothers me so much.

Since my daughter was born I’ve always referred to myself as “Mama.” As does  everyone else who is close to us.

I’m not really sure where she picked it up, but she’s taken to calling me “Mommy” in the last couple days.  She seems to  alternate between the two. She will say something like  “Mommy peeeze have juice? Peeeze have juice Mama.”  Both kind of at the same time.

Its driving me nuts. 

I don’t know whether to correct her, or just suck it up and  let her call me whatever she wants. Although, annoying as it is,  it’s better than her calling me “Knucklehead.” (Which I thought I put an end too.. but apparently not, since she called me it today. Thank you to my husband for that.)

I hope it doesn’t make me cringe forever…. Mostly I hope she just goes back to all Mama all the time.


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