A Letter to my dog, on our Brodie-versary.


 Hi. I’m Brodie!   A Black Lab/Austrailian Cattle Dog  (aka Blue Heeler aka Queensland) Mix.


Dearest Brodie,

One year ago today, you joined our family.  You are such a perfect fit, that it feels like you’ve always been here with us.

When I first met you, I thought you were adorable. With those big brown puppy dog eyes, and that crazy curly tail.  When we took you for the test walk, we knew you were our guy, almost immediately. You seemed so sweet and pretty mellow for a young dog.

This was the "glamour shot" that was on the Petfinder.com website.

It’s no secret that I have never been a dog person. I was terrified when I picked you up. (Of course, the dog person in the family was off working in Idaho that week.)  I had no idea what to do with a gigantic dog… let alone one who had just had his manhood surgically altered. (I’m sorry about that by the way.) I’m sure you were scared too.   Only you know what you have been through up until the day we found each other. All we know is that you came into the animal shelter as a stray on January 3, 2010.   And for a month and a half you waited for us.

Little did I know you were 68.5 pounds of love.

. Trying out his bed.

That first night, after I had to get one of the veterinary techs to pick you up and put you in the truck (I had no idea how I was going to make that happen myself), we got you in the house and you were curled up on the couch with our Teen in a matter of minutes. You had obviously had people before.  Within 2 days you rolled over and let me give you belly rubs. You were home.

Over these last 12 months, you’ve become “my dog”.  Anyone who knows my deeply rooted fear of large dogs, finds this rather ironic and completely hysterical.

You are the best guy we could have ever dreamed of. You love the kids. And they love you. You put up with the constant torment of the Toddler like a champ. You’ve only growled at her a few times. Even when she was waving a chicken nugget in your face you sat there at watched.

How can you not love this face?

You probably don’t know how much you mean to me. You truly help me sleep at night.   I know you are out there guarding the perimeter. You only bark when you have to. You are the eyes and ears of our street.  The neighbors appreciate that. They also rely on you to let them know what’s happening.  I have learned over the past few months, your different barks.  There is the “Hey there is a person out here bark”, the “There is a critter bugging me  bark”,  and the “Im guarding the perimeter bark.”   I joke that we don’t need a doorbell since we have a “dogbell.”

Neighborhood Watch: Sitting on his hill where he can see the whole street.

I’m sorry that those crazy cats on our street  live to harass you.  I think they find it funny in their little feline minds. Maybe you should send a message by eating one of them. Okay, maybe you should just keep chasing them up the tree.

Yes, there is a dog in the tree. Trying to get the cat of course.

Just know my dear Brodie, that we all love you, adore you in fact. We are thankful that we found each other.  I don’t know what I would do without you. How’s that for irony?  We don’t know what you have been through before you came to us… But we are going to do everything we can to make your life fantastic.

We love you! Happy Brodie-versary!

Your People.


3 responses to “A Letter to my dog, on our Brodie-versary.

  1. Very nice, dogs are awesome!

  2. Oh, he is the cuteness.

    • Thanks Jane! He is a pretty cool dude! It still amazes me that he sat at the animal shelter for so long… he’s so cute and sweet. I guess it just really was meant to be. ❤

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