It’s going to be a Gleek-tastic Celebration!

My Tween officially becomes my TEEN on Friday!


And little does she know, that I am throwing her a Gleek-tastic party to celebrate!  Hopefully it turns out as great as it is in my head!

She has discovered the wonders of the tv show GLEE in the last few months.  And she is IN LOVE! Her iPod is full of Glee… she got the complete first season on DVD for Christmas. She was so excited for the new episode last night after the Super Bowl.. and is just as excited about the new episode tomorrow night!

It just made sense to throw her a Glee party!

I’m still working out the details.. which I really need to finish ironing out… since it is only a few days away!

So the festivities are as follows:

1. Friday- some sort of undetermined birthday surprise in the morning. Then she has invited a few of her friends over for movie/glee/something watching and pizza.

2. Saturday- the family is coming over for a party.

I normally try to surprise her with something in the morning when she gets up to start off her birthday with a bang! Last year, I filled her bathroom with balloons… which is kind of hard to top.   ( would have completley filled it, but I didnt have the idea until like the day before, and it was hard to blow up that many balloons myself! Had I started a few days before It would have been doable.)

She was definitely surprised!

So far,  I think I am going to deck out the downstairs in red and white streamers and balloons (McKinley High’s colors). I am toying with the idea of Bieber-ing her bathroom. Which is sort of evil.. but funny.

I think she is the only [almost] 13-year-old girl on the plant who doesn’t swoon over Justin Bieber. His movie, Never Say Never, opens in theaters on Friday. I keep harassing her, saying that we are going to go see it on her birthday. Her reply is usually, “Yea, if you want to ruin my birthday.”

So I thought it would be funny to get a Justin Bieber magazine and plaster her bathroom with pictures and a note that says something like “guess what we’re doing later!?!?!”   Her bathroom will be Bieber-ific!! LOL

A little evil? too evil? hilarious?

Anyway- only one of her friends is definitely coming over so far. But we are ordering pizza, and I’m making slushie cupcakes! I’m so excited about these. I found them on the internet of course.  Look how awesome:

Now the party:

I’m still trying to figure out a menu..

We definitely need:   Slushies, Tots and Grilled Cheeseus.

But what else? I’m thinking of doing mini burgers, and pigs in a blanket.  But i want something that isn’t horribly time-consuming and a pain. 

And I’m going to make her a cake… I have a plan… it looks pretty cool in my head. I just hope I can bring it to life the way I see it in there.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

I welcome any Gleek-erific suggestions!

Happy Monday!


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