Super Windy Wednesday!

Holy cow its windy out there!

Hubby’s flight this morning was cancelled not due to the blizzard or icy conditions back east. but because of the high winds we are experiencing here. We are under a high wind warning until tomorrow afternoon. They are expecting gusts from 25-35 mph. And through passes and canyons up to 65 mph!

This is what happened the last time it was uber-windy

No wonder the planes can’t land.

This  crazy wind also makes me nervous being that we have some REALLY tall pine trees surrounding our house.  And when they are all blowing like that for so long, it worries me if or when one will snap!

big windy trees!

I was dodging tree limbs when we were on our way to the airport.

Anyway-  my toddler is taking a nice snooze right now, since we were up and out of the house so early this morning.  I’m not used to her sleeping this early… I kinda don’t know what to do with myself!

With that being said.. I think  I’m going to watch Oscar nominee “The Kids are all Right.”  Maybe I can finish it before the mail comes, and send it back today.

And what ever weather Mother Nature is providing you with today, I hope you are safe and warm! 🙂


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