Superbowl XLV: Packers -vs- Steelers or in my world: Husband -vs- Wife

It was a big football day in our house.

My beloved Pittsburgh Steelers and my husband’s equally as beloved Green Bay Packers were in the AFC and NFC championship games respectively.

My husabnd and I have been together for 9 years. In all of that time nothing like this has even come close to happening. The six-time Super Bowl Champion Steelers have won the big game twice in the last 5 years and the Packers… Well…Uh… Have not.

We talk about it happening at the beginning of every season- the dream Packers and Steelers Super Bowl.

Last season, when the Steelers played the Packers there was a lot of trash talking surrounding the game.  Oh wait.. But who won? Let me try to remember… the Steelers.

Let me just say for the record- when we are not playing against each other, I root for his team. He, on the other hand,  does not reciprocate. If I didn’t already bleed black and gold (I was born and raised in Pittburgh after all), and was in need of a team I could be a Cheesehead.

I rooted for the Pack in the NFC Championship game. Honestly,  I think it is awesome that they won.

So here we are…

the Packers vs the Steelers Superbowl is officially our reality.

About 30 seconds after the game ended, the gauntlet was thrown by my hubby.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks around here. I foresee lots of smack talk, mud-slinging and the kids will probably have to pick a side. Yes, I’m sure even our two year old will have to choose.

We found out last week that hubby will be out-of-town for the big game. Which is probably a good thing. It could get ugly. But the odds of both of our teams making it to the big game together happening again are probably slim, and I’d like to enjoy it together.

But then again… This way I don’t have to see him cry WHEN the Packers lose.

Go Steelers!


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