How I Met Your Father…

For my girls…

Ever since I saw your face,  Nothing in my life has been the same.  I walk around and sing your name, without you my world would end. 

Yes, that is from “Girlfriend” by NSYNC. And yes, I  am aware of how corny that is. But it is the song I most relate to the day I met my wonderfully amazingly fantastic husband. And how I feel about my girls now that I’m really thinking about it. 🙂

It was 9 years ago today that I first saw his face, and he changed my life.  It was the day after his birthday in 2002.  I had been living in Las Vegas for about a year and a half.  I had a job I liked, had recently moved in with my BFF at the time, and had been seeing a big fat jerk boy who wasnt very nice to me, and had recently told me to “find  someone who could be the kind of boyfriend” that I wanted.  It seems that I took his advice.

My friends and I had been going to this bar every friday night for months.  It was called Pink E’s! It was a fun place off the strip, they had pink pool tables, pink booths, and they were known for playing 80’s hair band music. If I remember correctly, the walls in the bathrooms were covered with naked pictures… Guys in the ladies room and girls in the mens room.  They also had a lot of those 80’s hair bands (that were still trying to hang onto their careers) playing live on the weekends.  I loved it there.

It was very sad when it closed.

We used to hang out in “our booth,” have a few drinks, listen to the music, people watch and just have a great time.   That friday night started out just like any other  We planted ourselves in our booth. were actually waiting for some friends,who were in town for the weekend, to meet up with us.

We had noticed this boy walk past our booth who had his septum pierced.  Back then, it wasnt as common of a piercing as it is now, so we immediately noticed it.

Not actually his nose!

Then we notice that the boy with the nose ring was really cute.  I didn’t think much else of it right then. (He had been walking back and forth past our booth in an effort to get me to notice him.)

He was there with his brother and a friend, celebrating his birthday.  They happened upon Pink E’s! on a night where Jeannette Lee (a female pool champion) was doing an exhibition/meet and greet thing. She is known as “the black widow.” My brother-in-law is a huge pool guy, so he was super excited to see her do her stuff.

I was sitting in our booth facing the crowd for the exhibition. I was on the phone with my then roommate. I looked up and realized that the cute boy with the nose ring was staring at me.

I smiled at him.  he smiled back.

A little while later,  I realized that he was gone.  NOOOOOO!  

He came back! Whew! (They had gone to get food at Del Taco.)

Next time I saw him, he was sitting in a booth a few feet away from us. Obviously, wanting me to come talk to him.  I was probably as chicken as he was. Myfriends were making a big, loud deal about it, which was making it hard to just go over there without it being a big scene. So I didn’t.

Then, once again – HE WAS GONE.

I swore to myself that if he came back, I was going to talk to him.

A little while later,  he came back. YES!!!! 

They actually had left for good, then he convinced his brother to take him back. Thank goodness.

So after they miraculously returned,  they were about 4 feet away from us, and just kind of stood there.

Again, my friends were making a big loud deal about it, so I made an equally big loud deal about me being mad about them being loud and I went and sat at the bar by myself.

Then his brother sat down next to me, and bought me a drink.  He did it just to prove the point that he could talk to me. I had absolutely no interest in whatever small talk he was making with me. My eye was on the cute boy with the nose ring.

And my friend was mad that he was talking to me, since she thought he was cute. (Sidenote- that particular friend is the reason I no longer let him date my friends.)

So he sat down next to his brother, and then we finally got introduced.

While  his brother was talking to me, I kept looking around him to see the cute boy with the nose ring. Around front… around back… and finally….

“Did that hurt?” That broke the ice.

Once we started talking, we really didn’t stop. At some point his brother left. And when I say left, I mean completely ditched him. We didn’t even notice.

We sat at that bar talking until about 5 in the morning.  Which is very easy to do in Las Vegas, since the bars don’t close- ever.  He told me about the Tween in the first ten minutes we were talking. She was about to turn 4.  We discussed our crazy ex-spouses, our jobs, and pretty much everything else you could imagine.

Once we were ready to leave we realized he bad been ditched.  I ended up driving him home. Turned out they lived pretty close to me.  When I dropped him off, I gave him my number, and he just gave me a peck on the lips.

I  couldn’t stop thinking about the cute boy with the nose ring. I was kicking myself for not getting his number.  I scoured the phone book for his number to no avail… (turns out the phone was in their old room mates name.)

Then he finally called. It was Tuesday night. (A nd seriously his brother made him wait three days to call me. Boys.) I freaked  out!  YAY! We made a plan for him to call me again on Thursday, and we would do something on friday.

And that we did.  We have been inseparable since. 

 We celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary on New Years Day.

And I love my cute boy with the nose ring (okay, he doesn’t actually have it any more… I kind of miss it actually) even more than I did back then.  In fact I love him more every day. 

And I know that even if that night hadn’t unfolded the way it did, if he hadn’t convinced his brother to bring him back, I know without a doubt, that somehow…. some way… we still would have found each other.


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  1. I do love a good love story.

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