Let the birthdays begin!

It is a new year, and another round of birthdays officially starts today!

I say a round of birthdays because,

Hubby’s birthday is today 1/10

The Tween’s birthday is 2/11

The Toddler’s birthday is 3/12

My sister’s birthday is 4/13

And my brother-in-law ruins the pattern by being 5/19.

I think its pretty nifty. (When we had the toddler, we really wanted her to be born on the 12th. We almost didn’t make it, since she was born at 11:24PM.) Although,  sometimes I REALLY have to think about the dates when asked about one of their birthdays.


Today is my wonderful hubby’s 35th birthday!

Sadly, he is on his way to work in Las Vegas for the week.

We did have a little celebration for him last night. I made fish tacos for him, with what was left of his Alaskan Halibut. I had to cook it since I discovered that the freezer was unplugged and a bunch of stuff thawed out… mainly the fish.  So I cooked it all and froze what he didn’t eat. (I don’t like fish. I ate leftover meatloaf.)

I also made him German Chocolate cupcakes.  That’s his favorite. I filled them with the pecan coconut frosting for a little surprise! He loved them!

I also made cupcakes so that he could take them with him, but naturally he forgot them. And I was half asleep when he left and I forgot about them too. Oh well.. I guess that means more for us.  Or not… since my waistline does not need to eat any more cupcakes!

Happy Birthday to my hubby! I love you! XOXO


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