Good bye, New Girl.

Honestly, I’m kinda sad today.

In addition to my just feeling blah, a flare up of the terrible two’s, hubby being gone (I’ve talked to him a total of  6 minutes since Monday. Sigh.), my best friend decided to postpone her visit a week and my new and only friend (other than my sister) here in California is moving back to Las Vegas today.

My Brother-in-law and the New Girl broke up.

Strangely enough the New Girl and I have become pretty good friends over the last couple months. If you remember from my previous posts about her, she and I didn’t really hit it off the first time he dated her 8 years ago. 

This time we gave each other a chance , found some common ground and have hopefully created a real friendship. I guess only time will tell if that is true.  That is,  If we stay in touch now that she’s gone back home.

I was really hoping to see her before she left, but that didn’t happen.  I’m not sure whether it was just because it just didn’t work out, or whether she really just didn’t want to see me.  I offered to help her pack or whatever she needed at least 5 times, and she never accepted my offer.

Last night she replied to a text that I sent her that her best friend was going to try to fly down to help her load the truck (today) but she couldnt, so the New Girl was going to have to do it all by herself.  Which I found strange after making so many offers to help. I’m not sure whether her saying that was just a plea for help, or what.  I was slightly offended by it actually.  It was all I could do not to offer to help her. Not that I could have anyway, since our funds are limited this week, and I dont’ have the extra gas money to go down there.

And a few days ago it was “Oh, I’ll see you before I go no matter what.” and now she’s on her way back and isn’t stopping by. Which for the record, is on her way. I got a text that she “pinky swears we’ll hang out when she comes back next month.”  I mean,  I understand that she’s got a trailer on her truck that she’s not used to, and she doesn’t want to drive somewhere she may have to back up…  I really do get it…. but at the same time, if she really wanted to she would.

I’m just disappointed.  😦  

Which, is so weird to think about, considering how we started.

I wish her the best. I know that they are better off apart. 

Good Bye,  New Girl.

I’ll really miss you…

and Our late night UNO games and texting, cupcakes, coffee, shopping.. the way old people gawk at your tattoos in Starbucks… the combination pizza hut and taco bell… and knowing that someone really understood how suckish it is with hubby gone all the time since they were going through it too.  

 I hope we stay friends…. if nothing else we got each other out of the deal! 🙂

I hope to see you soon.


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