Countdown to 50 pounds… 42 to go!

Since November 1st, I have lost 8 pounds!

I can’t believe it. 

I am almost to my goal of 10 pounds by mid-december. 

My pants are feeling looser, you have to love that.

It’s been REALLY hard the last week or two with Thanksgiving and all. I let myself eat whatever I wanted that day, and didn’t count a single calorie.

I ate A LOT of pie. Well, I made 3 different pies I had to try them all.

Luckily, I lost interest in them after a few days. And even before that, I would just eat a little piece if I wanted some. It’s all about moderation, right?

I did throw all the left overs away (that I didnt freeze) yesterday. I couldn’t handle looking at them anymore. And I think a week taking up space in the fridge is long enough.

I will say, that we havent been taking our walks in the morning, since I had a sick toddler for a week and it’s just been kind of cold in the morning. So, my goal for next week is to get back in the swing of that. I know if nothing else, the dog will appreciate it.

So, there you have it- 2 pounds to go until I achieve my first goal.

8 pounds down, 42 to go!

Go me! 🙂


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