Positivity and Pupcakes

Well, it is officially December. (It is 12:09am)

I started writing about all the negativity that has been weighing me down today. I’m not going to bore you with the details. I’m trying to find positivity in today.

Let’s see if I can find 5 good things that happened today: (in no particular order)

1. Glee was awesome. I ❤ the Warblers!

2. Since my little darling fell asleep at 9pm, I actually had some time to myself. I dyed my hair, waxed my eyebrows and painted my nails. (Sorry if that is TMI)

3.  My 12-year-old, actually brought up her mother in conversation. She very seldom actually talks about her.  On the negative side, she is really upset with her. (that is a whole entire post unto itself.) But i think its progress that she was talking about it!

4. I actually remembered to get our advent calendar out today, for probably the first time ever. Now, if I can just keep the 2-year-old fingers off of it…

5. Pup-cakes! I spent the afternoon making puppy cupcakes for my Brother-in-law’s Girlfriend’s daughter who turns 9 tomorrow/today. (Wednesday)  She is a huge animal lover, who might I add decided to “sell” her artwork and all the proceeds are going to be donated to an animal charity. She is a pretty talented kid too. I was very impressed with her pictures!

Anyway- since they don’t really know anyone else here but us, I decided to make her a cake… which then turned into these pupcakes! I am pretty proud of them! I think they turned out pretty awesome!


So,those are my pupcakes. I need to head off to bed. I am finally tired.


Nighty Night!

One response to “Positivity and Pupcakes

  1. Good for you, to spend some time shining light on all the good things! There are so many good things…and it really expands your soul when you choose, always choose, to see things in the best way possible.

    be well, and continue shining your light!

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