Well, so far my day has not gone how it was originally planned at all.

The original plan: Hit the farmer’s market and the Mall with the kids and my Brother-in-law’s Girlfriend and her daughter. I had been looking forward to it all week!

We didn’t go. Its pouring rain and the my darling toddler has a slight fever.  😦

Well, after we made the decision to cancel the plans (at around 8), I fell asleep again. I havent been sleeping very well at all the last couple of nights, so it finally caught up with me. I thought I dozed off for a few minutes… when I was awakened by someone telling me she needed a new diaper…. it was almost 11! and I totally could have slept for another hour or two.

Here it is suddenly almost 2pm.

I did actually get to take a leisurely shower. those are so wonderful… especially since when hubby is gone they don’t happen very often. It’s usually just jump in and out as fast as I can in hopes that someone doesn’t wake up before I’m done.

I have spent the last couple days getting the house ready for Thanksgiving.  Doing some thourough cleaning ahead of time, so that it will be just a quick clean up before the family descends upon us! I am so excited about it!

And 2 of my daughters friends are coming over tonight. (theoretically). They finally convinced their mom that they should come. I get it… I’m probably what you would consider over-protective.  Although I think I have made great strides in letting go of the reigns a little in the last few weeks.

This is the first time she’s ever had people over (since we moved to CA).  She’s really excited. We are going to run to the store and get some snacks for them in a little while.

I think it will be really good for her to hang out with girls her own age outside of school.

And keep your fingers, toes, eyes crossed that Hubby will be home tonight.

Please oh please come home tonight.

It all depended on how the rest of their job finished up today. If it was late, he was just going to stay another night… I’d rather him drive home not completely exhausted.

Its kind of weird that he’s been gone for 3 weeks. It doesn’t feel as long as some of his previous trips have been. We did get to see him last weekend… that probably made it a little easier. But it didn’t feel that bad before we saw him either.

oh well… I wish a Happy saturday to you!

I am going to go finish some housework and hit the grocery store before the girls get here!


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