Digging myself out..

So I am digging myself out of the pit that I found myself in this week.

I had a pretty good day today. Not super-uber-fantastic… but not craptastic either. It was full of ups and downs.

In the spirit of being positive Let’s focus on the ups!

1. I found the $5 that I lost out of my pocket on Halloween at the end of my driveway when we were going for our walk this morning. I really should stop putting cash in my pocket. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve done that. Luckily, I have found the money all but once.

2. Got a random $30 check in the mail from our heath insurance company. Yes, I said Health insurance company. It said “explanation of refund: Insufficient Payment.” I have no clue what that means, but I’m cashing that sucker first, THEN asking questions. LOL

3. I think i’ve lost 2 pounds this week. I wasnt going to weigh myself until monday.. but I couldn’t help it. We’ll see if the scale is still my friend monday morning.

4. Hubby’s paycheck was finally back to normal. Hallelujia! We are officially almost back on track. I got to pay some things that were almost behind… we still have a little way to go to be 100% but at least i don’t have to do any more creative financing for the time being. Our goal is to NEVER let us get into that pickle again.

5. Oh! I caught a glimpse of the Turkey Vulture that I’ve suspected has been hanging out in our trees. Actually there are 2. It was very cool. I’m sorry I’m a bit of a bird nerd. If there is such a thing. I should post a picture of the feather I found in our yard. It’s the biggest feather I’ve ever seen- hence my suspicion, oh and the neighbor told me.  He also told me there is an Egret of some kind roosting up there too.. Hubby and the kids saw it one day. I havent gotten to see it.

6. My darling maniacal toddler actually went to sleep at a normal time. YAY! I’ve quite enjoyed the last couple hours of quiet down time. I havent gotten that in quite a while.

7. Best thing I heard all day: “Mama you don’t change my diaper. It’s MY poop. You can’t have it.”

8. My darling Toddler doing her version of a “tap dance” and when she was done bowing  saying “wank you, wank you”. Hilarious!

9. I extended an offer to the dear 12-year-old to invite her friends over for pizza and movies. She was very excited and actually thanked me. Sadly, her friends mom said no. 😦

10. I realized that when counting calories order thin crust pizza. Its way loess calories than regular pizza… it doesn’t quite fill you up the same way, but you get to eat more of it confusing yourself into feeling fuller. LOL

I think those are 10 pretty good parts of my day.

yes, I did have to steam clean part of the carpet where someone decided she was going to throw her bowl of soup that she didn’t want to eat… and that same someone dumped an entire bag of popcorn (from  Target) out in the car because she didn’t want it and it is everywhere….  but we aren’t dwelling on that.

I’m trying to follow some sage advice:

“Keep breathing… breathe  through each moment. Draw in the source and exhale all that troubles, all that distracts.”

I’m just going to do that… keep breathing.

Keep going… not dwelling…

focus on the positive!


One response to “Digging myself out..

  1. Love to see the focus on the positive…it makes such a difference, and you have such a lovely, full life… 🙂
    here are two posts for you…enjoy if’n you wanna. 🙂
    this was from a bad day:
    this was from a few days later:

    blessings, not-so-wicked. 🙂

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