Baking my anxiety away

I have come to realize that I have been baking A LOT lately.

I really like to bake, I just never seem to have time. Between keeping the crazy toddler out of trouble, trying to keep the house clean, and keep my sanity when hubby is traveling there just isn’t enough time to bake anything.

Until recently.

I think it started around the time hubby came back from Alaska.

There were the peanut butter cloud cookies, regular peanut butter cookies (3 times), a carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies (twice now), and a week and half ago(or so) I had my own cupcake-a-palooza where I baked not one, but three different kinds of cupcakes just because I felt like it. (Lemon coconut, red velvet & peanut butter chip)

I think I have been focusing my anxiety with our current situation into baking.  Hubby still isn’t back to his normal schedule. It’s so frustrating. 1 or 2 days a week isn’t going to pay the bills at all. We aren’t completely screwed yet, but another week of this and we will be.

I wish I made something that was good enough to profit from this baking.

I wish I could do something that would help us.

My eBay sales really didnt amount too much. I only make $25 and that doesn’t take into consideration the listing fees and whatnot. So I really made less than 20. I can’t even get a part-time job, I know as soon as I would find something they would actually ship him off somewhere and I wouldn’t be able to go to work.

I really just can’t win.


I think I feel some chocolate chip cookies coming on… maybe some coconut macaroons for hubby. Maybe both.

Maybe I should start focusing all this energy on the Halloween costumes I need to make instead… plus I think my waistline would be thankful.


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