Having a Monday.

I’m totally having a Monday.

I know that it is indeed Wednesday.

But feels like a miserable, problematic Monday morning.


It was pretty okay in the beginning.

Then the bickering started.

K asked if she should feed the dog since he barely ate yesterday. (it was really hot, so I’m not surprised.) I guess I didn’t answer her… because when I asked her if she fed him she gave me an attitude about me not answering her.  Then I told her since she didn’t feed him, she should at least move his food bowl where he can get it. He had pushed it off the patio into the dirt.  She comes back with:

“I don’t have time.”

this is her new excuse for EVERYTHING.

“I don’t/wont have enough time.”

She spent more time telling me how much time she doesn’t have, than it took her to actually do it.

It took 20 seconds to walk outside, move the dish and come back in. I counted.

It drives me insane.

Once that was over, we were getting ready to walk out the door,

For the first time ever, we were right on time.


“Mama I peed.”

UGH. I had JUST changed her(not 5 minutes before), and somehow she managed to pee everywhere. By everywhere, I mean the diaper was full, her pants were soaked and there was a big puddle on the floor.

Cleaned all that up, dry pants, dry diaper… it was getting too late to walk.

I’ll run her over really quick…

Where on earth are my keys??


I look in the 3 places I normally put them. Not there.

Call my hubby: “Have you seen my keys?”

“Look on the freezer in the garage.”


“maybe on my dresser?”


“Hmm.. when did I even have them?”

I do not know.

“Oh..Did you look outside on the table.”

Are you kidding me? Why on earth would it even occur to me to look OUTSIDE?

Of course that’s where they were. (hand smacking my forehead!)

The most obvious of places. Duh!

We ran out the door.

Naturally, the second bus was pulling away as soon as we got to the stop.

Drive her over to school.

Did you know it’s National Coffee Day?

So, in support of that fabulous day, I drove several miles out of my way to go to the Starbucks Drive Thru.

Oh wonderful sweet caramel sanity.

Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmmmm!

After that my day started looking up.

We took the dog for a walk after we got back, since he was freaking out that we left without him. I was just going to walk him around the block, like we would in the morning,

About half way, we ran into a neighbor that I met last week. She’s really nice, probably close to my age. I think we have a lot in common, She’s got a son who is a little older than KT.

We chatted for a while, and walked back to our street. And the kids played in her driveway for a while. It was nice. The kids had fun. It’s funny to see her with someone her own age. It was pretty cute.

I really need to get the laundry put away, since I can’t seem to convince it to put itself away.

Hubby should be home from work soon.(Yay for him working 2 days this week so far!) Hopefully he can entertain the manic while I tackle the laundry. Although I’m sure he will end up sleeping since he left for work at 3am.

I think there are also cookies to be made this afternoon,

I feel like chocolate chip cookies today.

I have so many things I’ve meant to post about this last week or so…

The random dog in our yard, the weekend… I got to hang out with my Brother-in-law’s girl friend… my not-so-hot date with my hubby.

I will leave you with a funny-

Sometime in the middle of the day yesterday, K tripped and fell at school. (that’s not funny, but she is really clumsy) She scraped her elbow and was making a big deal about how much it hurt.

I made dinner kind of late.. it was about 7 or so by the time we ate. I was watching her set the table, and I thought the back of her shorts looked weird.

(Luckily) she was wearing a long shirt. I went over and pulled up her shirt and sure enough- she had a 6-8 inch long rip in her shorts! Her undies hanging out for the world to see! She didn’t even notice that she had air conditioning!

It was totally lucky that she had a long t-shirt on. or she would have been thoroughly embarrassed. I’m confident that if anyone did notice, she would have heard about it.Since she was not humiliated in pubic, it is hilarious!

Only my kid would walk around all day with her butt hanging out and bot notice.


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