That’ll teach you to think…

I started out this morning feeling optimistic.

(Despite the fact that the quiet time I had planned for myself did not happen since a small person was up at 6am. ugh)

It is a new week, and things are looking up… word on the street is that hubby’s work load should be returning to “normal” this week. (I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is indeed the case. So is our bank account.)

The 7th grade book report, that turned into a week-long ordeal, is finished and should be turned in by now. Woo hoo!

The dog, the toddler and I  enjoyed a nice walk to the bus stop and back. it is a gorgeous cloud-free sunny day in southern California. Even though Mother Nature really needs to turn down the thermostat. It’s supposed to be 107 again today. Yuck. So much for trying to NOT have the A/C on.

I started writing a post about my weekend.

Which started me thinking about some stuff.

Now I feel kind of crappy.




So much for my bright and shiny morning.

And to make it EVEN better… my dear sweet toddler has been glued to me, which is fine most of the time. But today is turning into one of those days where I just can’t deal with her on me.

And she bit me. Hard. On my thigh. It really hurts.


I wish I could just crawl back in bed now. Or maybe just go find something to do that is just about me. Not grocery shopping (even though I love that), not Target, not picking the kid up from the bus.

Maybe a pedicure, maybe a movie… maybe just coffee.

Something would be nice. Anything would be good.

But alas, hubby is actually at work. And its monday night football.


Maybe some chocolate will make me feel better.

Maybe I just say screw it and leave when he gets home.

I’ll try the chocolate first.

and see what happens with the rest of the day…


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