another manic monday

I think there are 2 things that I shouldnt do on a Monday morning without first having coffee:

1. Anything relating to the 12-year-old. Do not talk to her or pay any attention at all to what she is or is not doing.

2. Walk to the bus stop with the stroller and the dog.

I wish someone would invent a monday pill- you take it sunday night and it works on some sort of time release and you wake up Monday morning at a designated time, well rested and well caffeinated.

Ahhh… that would be nice.

I either didn’t set my 6:00 alarm, or it went off and I turned it off.

Luckily I had one set for 7.  But by the time I got up and dressed and the toddler up and dressed there wasnt enough time to make the coffee before we had to leave. UGH.

I was feeling brave one day last week, and walked the dog with us to the bus stop. Now I am going to have to walk him every day until the end of time. He definitely likes it. A LOT. He was ready to go this morning.

I don’t think I’ve really talked about the dog much… but he’s not a small dog… he’s a Labraheeler. A Black Labrador Retriever and Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog/Queensland mix. He weighs about 68 pounds. He’s a big boy. Which is why i have not been brave enough to take him with us before.

Walking the giant dog + a toddler in a stroller BY MYSELF is not as easy as you might think. I will say, he has been VERY VERY VERY good. He’s only growled at one person. A worker who was clearing brush from the sidewalk that said Hello to me.

It’s not that the toddler or the dog were bad or anything- I just really would have enjoyed driving this morning. They both wanted to walk. Granted, driving is the lazy way to go and I’m sure I need to walk. But I just didn’t feel like it this morning. That’s all. And I couldn’t wait to get home make the coffee.

And I poured a big cup in my Hannah Montana mug.

Yes, go ahead laugh. I have a Hannah Montana coffee cup. It’s really tall and has a travel lid and it was on super-duper-ooper clearance and I think I paid a dollar for it. I could just say it is K’s since she (secretly) likes the show.

It was delicious. and I could probably use some more if I am going to get anything done today other than sitting here at the computer.

as for my dealings with a certain tween… ugh.

I don’t understand what she does in the morning. I will never understand. But she needs to figure out how to do it faster. She wakes up at 6:45.( It’s not like she has to take a shower or pick out her clothes. Both of those things are taken care of the nigh before.) And at 8:00 she hadn’t packed her lunch or fed the dog. We have to be out the door- with toddler in stroller and dog in tow by 8:10.  (The first bus has been coming early!)

She claims that today she spent 15 minutes flat ironing her hair. You could not prove that by me. It just looked like she brushed it and slapped a headband on her head. Her hair is a whole other post unto itself. Its drives me insane. i was hoping that 7th grade would make her care about it. But sadly, it has not.

Oh well… I must to tend to the attention hog that is my toddler. And get the laundry started. And pack up some stuff I sold on eBay. And list some more stuff on eBay. and figure out what to make for dinner. And clean up some. And… and… and… it never ends.

the silver lining of today is that hubby is working! And it will be a very long day (which = overtime!) since he had to catch a plane at 6:00am and his return flight isn’t until 8pm.

Oh, and I didn’t even tell you about my weekend with my BFF. I guess I’ll just have to do that later, hopefully when someone is napping!

Keep your fingers crossed for a nap!


2 responses to “another manic monday

  1. Girl…I hear you!
    sign me up for the Monday pill. I’d even take some of the more serious side-effects like dry mouth and a rash.

  2. I’d take the side effect too! And since I posted that, I have also decided that we need self-cleaning laundry and self-changing diapers.

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