My brief encounter with the new girl

Last night was the night I got to meet my brother-in-laws new girl friend again. (Long story short- he dated her about 8 years ago and have recently reconnected via Facebook and are madly in love and she’s moving here to be with him. Oh, and 8 years ago- I didn’t like her.)

So… I spent a day and a half cleaning the house for them to stop here for less than 10 minutes.  I was fairly annoyed. I should really say- she was here for less than 10 minutes. My Brother-in-Law stayed for a few hours.  They got a late start and since that late start had them leaving at 5:00 it took them over an hour and a half to get here because of the traffic. (not the smartest time in the world to leave)  And she was technically on her way to go back to Las Vegas, and needed to get on the road.

All I can really say is that she doesn’t look anything like I remember. But, all my vague recollections of her are all clouded with bitterness anyway. And she was definitely nicer than I remember. She  said  Hello and chatted a little bit. Which the old her would have not even looked at me and just sat there not saying a word.  You tell that she was uncomfortable. Which I totally get. I think there was an extra amount of pressure, just because we are his family. Hopefully it broke the ice enough that we can move forward and maybe work on getting to know each other a little bit. (She did comment on my FB status this morning, which she has never actually done before. So, maybe that’s progress.)

My Brother in law told me later that she normally has anxiety and is uncomfortable around strange people. Even a clerk saying Hi to her as she walks into a store even kind of freaks her out. Which makes sense of a lot of her previous behavior 8 years ago.

I realized the other day, that it was because of this girl that my brother-in-law and I finally bonded 8 years ago. We really didn’t like each other at all in the beginning of my relationship with hubby.  He ended up having to move in with us for a while. And one night he came home late and I had to let him in. We started talking and I don’t remember what problems they were having at the time, but he was asking for my advice on the matter. I think that was the first time we really talked like that.

I love my Brother-in-law. I’ve told him he’s like the older brother I never wanted! LOL  He is 6 months older than I am… so half the year we are numerically the same age, and the other half I harass him about being old. I do live to harass him. I guess that’s how I show him I care.  And sometimes he’s like my best girl friend.(And that statement makes him very uncomfortable! hahaha)  We can chit-chat and talk like I do with my friends. He sometimes tends to tell me things about his life that I DO NOT want to know… but I know I can always be honest with him and I think he’s always honest with me.

Its really funny that he knows my hubby doesnt care about the details of the crazy drama that is happening in his life, but he will tell me every little bit of it. It cracks me up. I don’t know if I wrote about the drama he had with his ex and his daughter and the rabbit a couple of weeks ago. I think I did. He told hubby: “My BabyMama got rid of the rabbit.” I asked about his day and I got every detail, he even showed me texts that were sent. Gotta love it.

We talked about the new girlfriend last night for a while after she left. I wondered if she know about my old feelings for her. He of course wasn’t sure if he ever really told her how much I didn’t like her. Or that for the last almost 8 years I have always refered to her as “That stupid girl my brother-in-law brought to my wedding.” granted, the fact that she now owns dresses doesn’t really make up for the fact that she wore a hoodie to my wedding… but in the spirit of second chances I am going to try to let it go.

I really hope she has changed. I hope I can change my opinion of her. And if it  doesnt happen, maybe I’ll just have to wear a hoodie to their wedding (should that ever happen.)   🙂


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