Up a creek without a paddle. ugh.

Hello Monday.

Its 6:40am. I have been up since 5.

I got up to make coffee and sandwiches for my hubby’s lunch. I was torn whether to stay up or go back to sleep. I decided to stay up. I had some coffee and have been watching a couple shows on the DVR. Woo. Pretty exciting morning.

there’s K’s alarm.

I’ve had a lot going on this week.

I’ve been feeling like we are up a creek without a paddle.


Things are REALLY slow right now at hubby’s company. They barely had any work last week.He only worked on Tuesday, and that was to go in for a meeting for them to tell him they were really slow. It’s not good. Although, he did have 2 vacation days left, so that he’ll get paid for 4 days. But this week is a whole other story. I pray and pray that they have jobs this week. He is at work right now. Otherwise I don’t know how we are going to pay the rent.

It’s REALLY scary.

I hope the lesson we get out of this mess is that we REALLY need to get some money in the bank. We need to be prepared if this happens again.  i pray that something happens and we get a break.

So, it is now 11:18. i had to take a brief hiatus from my worrisome complaining to get the kid off to school, clean half the kitchen, make several phone calls, harvest my Farmville crops and do some laundry.

And all I have to say is UGH.

I called to get my Sirius radio service shut off. I havent used it in ages since the antenna broke so why pay the money? They offered me 5 months of free service and a new radio to keep it. No thanks. I just use the receiver to play my iPod anyway. I hope it still works now that the service doesn’t. hmmm….

THEN… I went to the website for the company that holds our truck loan. Low and behold it has been bought out by a new company. Funny, I didn’t get anything in the mail about it like the website says i should have. So I call the number… YAY! Someone who is NOT in india! Wooo hooo!

He was super-nice. Which is amazing to find. And I ask about deferring our payment this month due to the financial problems we will be facing in 2 weeks. The old company,  if you called them 7 days before the payment was due they would request the deferment. The new company,  it seems that you have to be 30+ days late to request one. Hmmm.. That makes NO sense and totally sucks.

We have not made a single late payment in the 4 years we have been paying on the silly thing. I’m trying to keep my payment history intact. I’m trying to do the right thing.  WTF. He did request a “Temporary Payment Reduction” for us. Which means that if a “Manager” deems us worthy we will have a reduction in our payment of some unknown amount for up to 6 months. Which, yes that would be helpful. But again WTF?

So I have to call back on Wednesday to see if we got approved.

Hopefully all my eBay auctions will sell. If I can just make enough money to cover some small payments we have I would be super happy. Out of the 18 things I have listed so far only 3 are selling for a total of like $5.

So, after another batch of distractions… it is now 1:17pm.

The good news is that we got approved for the temporary payment reduction! Woo hoo! Our payment will be $220 less for 6 months AND if what they told me is correct, we won’t have to pay September’s payment either. It will “go back into our loan.”  If we are smart… we need to save that $220 a month instead of just spending it. That would be the responsible thing to do.

Enough of my financial woes already.

So, I get to “meet” my (most likely) future sister in law tomorrow. I say “meet” because I did meet her about 8 years ago the first time he dated her.   And I didn’t like her one bit. She was a very rude little girl. She would come into my house and not say two words to me, or acknowledge my presence on the face of the earth. Oh yea, and he brought her to our wedding and she wore a HOODIE! A freaking hoodie! I was soooooo mad! My brother-in-law at least wore his “fancy” shirt. And after the ceremony we went to dinner (it was a very small ceremony) and she didn’t order any food. she was just going to eat off of his plate. Ugh. Yes, I’m still bitter about it.

He says she’s changed. I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

And they are oh-so-disgustingly-in-love. Blech!  LOL

He reconnected with her on Facebook while the boys were in Alaska. He was randomly looking at my wedding photo album and he saw one where the side of her head is in the shot. And he found her and they started texting which let to phone calls which has now led them to being in love and she’s (and her kid) moving here to CA to be with him in a couple of weeks. She brought a bunch of her stuff out last night actually.

So he is bringing her over tomorrow night. I am very interested in meeting the new-and-improved-not-21-anymore-grown-up version of this girl. I have friended her on Facebook, so I’ve gotten to see a little bit about her.. in that Facebook way.

Like I said, I’m giving her a second chance. He swears shes changed. I hope she has. I haven’t seen him this happy… probably ever. I hope she is “the one.”  I hope I like her. Its weird. Even though I have all this pent-up bitterness about her, I think I’ve already in my mind made her family. If that makes any sense.

I’m sort of excited to get to know her. Maybe I’m just excited about the prospect of having a new friend. I don’t know. It would be nice to know another person in the state. We’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

I need to go finish some cleaning, feed a maniac some lunch, get some towels out of the dryer and get the kid from the bus stop.


One response to “Up a creek without a paddle. ugh.

  1. oh, HONEY! Ugh, indeed.
    I don’t think there is one of us, these days, unaffected by the glorious “Hope and Change”. Hang in there with the ups and downs of finances and the job situation and the payments…
    I will look forward to hearing if the new and improved future sis in law is “all that” or “all flat”.
    blessings, and glad you could get all that off your chest.
    deep breath, and blessings

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