Having Coffee Soothes my Soul

I met my sister for coffee Saturday morning.

We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of weeks. She had a lot going on this weekend, and wasn’t sure if she’d be able to come over and hang out, so we made a coffee date. We found a Starbucks that was in the middle of us (it was exactly 27 miles from each of us!) and we met up bright and early. Three and a half hours and my sister a bit sunburned later,  we headed back to our respective homes. I was feeling refreshed, happy and kind of hungry. 🙂

When I told my hubby that I was going to have coffee with her, he said “I don’t understand why are you going to have coffee with your sister. I would never have coffee with my brother.”  I said “But you see him almost every day.”  He replied “If I hadn’t’ seen him in a month, I still wouldn’t have coffee with him.” After I thought about it, in reality I probably wouldn’t have coffee with my brother either. Although, I do think that my brother-in-law would go have coffee with me. 😉

So why have coffee?

First of all, to me “Have Coffee” can mean two different things.

1. To actually have coffee. To consume a coffee or coffee-related beverage.

2. To meet another person/persons and drink coffee and have conversation.

Either way you look at it,  “Having coffee” soothes my soul.

There are just days that a Venti-Iced-Caramel-macchiato just makes me feel better.  I know, I know.. there is something terribly unhealthy (in calories as well as psychologically) about that statement.  Its true though.

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I’ve never done any drugs. I think that I’m doing pretty okay if my only vice is enjoying a cup of caramel covered joy now and then. (And ice cream.. you can’t forget about ice cream.)

If I’ve had a really bad morning filled with tween-drama, most likely I’ve been yelling  and am incredibly frustrated. I drop the kid off at school and swing by Starbucks. that first sip is just…


The weeks leading up to our move (at the end of May) were especially bad. I was completely stressed out and close to the brink of losing my mind on a daily basis, and there was just something about that trip to Starbucks in the morning that helped me hold it all together. Not to mention stay awake, since I was pretty exhausted during most of that madness. And I earned a free drink at Starbucks from those two weeks alone. (I have a Gold Starbucks card, and every 15 visits where you use your card you get a free drink.)

Oh yea, and there are Mondays. Sometimes just the fact that it is Monday requires coffee. hee hee hee I must say, for as much as I do enjoy the Starbucks I have not frequented the one that is closest to our new house as you would think. It is within walking distance… maybe a quarter-mile or so… And I have only been there three times in 3 months (and once we actually walked!).  I give myself a big gold star on my forehead for that one.

I sound like a Starbucks commercial don’t I? what can I say, I like Starbucks.  (and yes I even have Starbucks coffee at home.)

Spending three and a half hours just sitting and talking with my sister truly soothes my soul more than any cup of coffee really could.

It’s not often that I get three hours alone, let alone to hang out with my sister. Its so amazing to have actual grown up conversation. To just catch up, shoot the breeze, share stories of drama – whether they are our own or about others. To talk about Farmville of all things. (Yes, strangely we find ourselves talking about it more than you would think.) To talk about the kids and my hubby… just enjoy each others company.   It’s funny, I don’t know how we ever lived so far apart for so long. I feel like we’ve gotten so much closer since we have lived in the same state,  I hope that she feels the same way! And whether she knows or not, she is one of my best friends. (Although I’m pretty sure she does, and if she didn’t she does now!)

I also treasure the times I’ve spent having coffee with my other 2 BFF’s. I can’t even begin to count the hours we have spent with coffee. Our “Girl’s Days Out” would almost always include a stop at a Starbucks to just sit and chill and chat, Starbucks while we were enjoying an afternoon at the Salon getting our hair done, or even just Starbucks in the car to go back home and hang out.

The more I think about it, pondering what “having coffee” means to me, I’ve come to realize that I think both definitions are tied together in my mind. The coffee reminds me of all the good times with my sister and my BFF’s sitting around enjoying each others company having great conversation, just being me. Not Me the wife, or me the mom, or me the cook, the housekeeper, the chauffeur. JUST ME. With the people who know me best (other than my husband of course.)

That is what comforts me when I’m having a moment . The people who love me, and accept me and will be there for me no matter what.

They soothe my soul.

… all that in a plastic cup with a green straw full of ice, coffee milk and caramel.

~for my three that soothe my soul~ A, M & R ❤


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