Terrible, Terrible twos

Oh the terrible twos.
Who ever started calling it that knew what they were talking about.
She’shad some moments of terrible so far…
But none of them even compared to yesterday. Ugh.

Standing on chairs
Dumping of the toys
Dumping water all over the mail

Oh, and don’t forget screaming.

Then there was the every time I said anything it was:
I don’t want to!
Time outs were issued.
Some of them didn’t last very long.

When Dada came home she was an angel (mostly).

She refused to eat dinner.
She wanted cookies.

By bedtime, I am exhausted and ready for some quiet and maybe a drink.
Naturally she didn’t want to sleep.
So very frustrating.

Finally sleep arrives. I have my own personal celebration! I didn’t enjoy the quiet, I didn’t have a drink…
I fell asleep too.

Morning arrives, my alarm goes off.
I lay there contemplating getting up and showering while the getting good.

Then I hear the pitter patter of little feet. The door opens and there she is.
She walks over to the bed, and with a big well rested smile and a wave..

“Hi Mama!”

You just can’t help but fall in love with her all over again.

Here’s to a better day!


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