to the beach!

My hubby decided we need to go to the beach today..


Can you tell how excited I am?

I’m not.

The beach would be a fine place to go except for 2 things, wait make that 3-

1. all the sand- it just gets everywhere.

2. taking the children

3. other people – can be rude or just get in your way

The kids have a great time at the beach. I do not.

My husband has a great time at the beach. I do not.

Chasing a toddler around in the sand is not my idea of a super fantastically fun afternoon. But she LOOOOOVES the beach. Last time we were there she had a blast picking up sea shells. The last time we went last summer she got soaked and then rolled around in the sand. Fun for her- not fun for me to clean her up.

Maybe I have a bad attitude about it. Maybe this time it will be better.

We do have a “base of operations” this time. My brother in law’s apartment is across the street from the beach- literally. I guess if it is too horrible I could go hide there. Make hubby deal with the holy terror that is our toddler all by himself for a while. That would be entertaining to see. He hasn’t really been anywhere in public with her since he’s been back… or since she started screaming at the drop of a hat.

All I would really like to do is just lay/sit there and read. No distractions. That would be nice.

I know this “cheap” trip is inevitably going to cost us more than the nothing hubby claims it will be.  Its 50+ miles each way buddy = gas $!!

In the spirit of family fun I will suck it up and go. We haven’t done anything together in so long.

I will put on my happy “I love the beach” face.

I will spay sunscreen on everyone, more than once.

I will follow the toddler around while she picks up sea shells, and make sure she doesn’t step on or pick up anything icky, painful or decaying.

I will take pictures.

I will probably gawk at passers-by, they can be so entertaining sometimes.

I will hopefully get a break if a small someone takes a nap, as doubtful as that may be with all the excitement.

I will do my best to have a good time.

I will complain/vent about it tomorrow when if I don’t.

So it’s off to the beach for me!

woo. I still don’t sound excited. Do I?


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