“No. I Forgot.” ~ Ballad of the 12-Year-Old

I’m watching you standing there waiting for the bus to come whisk you off to middle school.  Looking so grown up. You’ll learn about grown up things.. Algebra, science, history, art. Act all grown up with your friends.

You are so grown up sometimes…. Yet you are such a little girl.

Every morning it’s the same…
Did you put on a belt?
No. I forgot.
Did you make your bed?
No. I forgot.
Did you give the dog clean water?
No. I forgot.
Did you put your watch on?
No I forgot.

This just goes on and on and on and on…

Or when I remind you – your answer is “I know” or “ohhhkaaayyy.”
Translation: please stop talking. I’m not listening anyway.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m really speaking some foreign language that I can’t hear and you don’t understand.

Every morning it’s the same.

Did you _______________?  No. I forgot.

I don’t understand what goes on in your head. What you are thinking about that distracts you from all the things you need to do. It’s not like any of them are brand new tasks I’ve asked you to do or the first time. They are all things that you need to do every day. And every day its the same…

No. I forgot.

It frustrates me to no end. It is actually quite exasperating.

Contrary to what you may think, I don’t like listening to myself talk.

I don’t remember being like this when I was 12. My mom doesn’t either.

I’ve asked.

I just don’t get it.  How you “forget” everything all the time. Do you really forget or do you just not feel like doing it? Trying to rebel? Trying to get me mad?

I just don’t know.

You wouldn’t like it if I forgot everything.

You wouldn’t get to school on time or even at all

or have clean clothes

or have food to eat

or shoes on your feet

or have gas in the car to take you anywhere

or electricity, water, tv… etc…

You wouldn’t like it very much if I forgot.

You would be stranded, hungry, naked, and in the dark.

Remembering to put your belt on is sounding better and better now isn’t it?


One response to ““No. I Forgot.” ~ Ballad of the 12-Year-Old

  1. this is so true. My son forgets so much, too–12 year old, as well. Does he forget to stuff his face with cereal or eat 7 Top Ramens a day? Does he forget to spray on AXE body spray so heavily we could all die in a chemical fog?
    he DOES, however, forget to brush his teeth. Or get up to pee, until it’s almost too late.

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