My honey is home.

Sweet, sweet relief.

I may actually be able to sleep tonight. Or it may still take me a few days to unwind. We’ll see.. I do have to deal with sharing the bed again. 😉

He did sleep most of the day. He had a long night. He left Anchorage at 1:30am and got here at 9:30am. It’s a long night. Hopefully he will be less of a zombie tomorrow.  We did have a nice dinner though. I made some fabulous pot roast, roasted potatoes & carrots, gravy and crescent rolls. It was delish! KT ate a ton of roast! She looooved it!

Oh- when we got home from picking K up at the bus stop- she didn’t know P was home yet. KT says “Shhhhhh… Dada very tired. Dada sleeping.” It was pretty funny. K walked in and didnt notice him sleeping on the couch right away. Then she says- “OH! there is a dada sleeping!” It was cute.

It was amazing that I could peel them away from him to go to bed.

Now, I’m enjoying some quiet time. Cookies, diet cherry Pepsi, the new episode of Project Runway and the blog. I am feeling relieved and more relaxed than usual. Works for me.

Until next time…


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