Tuesay morning…

Today is the first “minimum day” at K’s school. On a normal day she gets the bus at 8:26am and school starts at 9. On a minimum day she gets the bus at 10:26 and they start at 11. Why you ask? I have no clue. At her school last year (which was in a different district) they had minimum days on Wednesday and they got out an hour early. And that time was used for teacher development.

I was kind of excited of the prospect of sleeping in. 7am and I are not friends. I set my alarm for 7:45. I actually got up without snoozing. I went downstairs and was going to make coffee but decided I was too lazy for that, so I got a glass of diet pepsi. I grabbed a camp chair (its way comfier than the folding chair thats out there now) out of the garage and went out to enjoy some quiet out on the patio.

I was greeted by a dog that was very happy to see me! I gave him some love and set up camp. One thing I must say about Southern California… The mornings can be spectacular. It was a comfortable 75 or so, the sky blue, sun shining. Just perfect.

The birds were chirping… There was a hummingbird buzzing around the feeder looking for it’s morning nectar. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… So wonderful. So quiet… So peaceful…

That is of course until I hear: “maaaaa maaaaaaa!”

I guess 5 minutes of quiet is better than none.


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