My weekend wrap up…

What a silly title. Do you really care what I did all weekend?  Probably not. But I’ll give you the highlights anyway.


  • I enjoyed a leisurely shower that did not include a toddler. 🙂
  • was overflowing with motivation, and actually got the kitchen completely unpacked and rearranged, so it is functional and uncluttered. It was driving me insane.
  • tried a new recipe for dinner that K called “the best thing ever.” I don’t really agree, but since she liked it I will make it again.
  • had a nice nap after  dinner – in other words, completely passed out on the couch from 6:30-8
  • KT did too… which made her stay up until 1:30am.
  • Once KT went to sleep, I actually was able to sleep. (Sleep 4, Bumps in the night 4.)


  • Slept until until 9:30am
  • My sister came over to hang out/do her laundry! (I Loooooove that we can do that!)
  • She brought Peanut Butter Chip cupcakes from Sprinkles! Yummy!
  • Watched a few episodes of Top Chef
  • We took the dog for a walk for the first time ever. He and KT did pretty well. It was just a short walk, to see how it worked out. My goal is to be able to walk them both to the bus stop to take/pick up K. I’m a little scared to do it by myself yet – wrangling both of them alone.
  • Made grilled chicken, white cheddar shells and carrots for dinner.
  • Once my zany toddler fell asleep- I watched True Blood!
  • Once I fell asleep, I mostly slept. Had a weird dream that woke me up. But after that- Zzzzzz’s until my alarm went off (the second time!)  (Sleep 5, B.i.t.n.4  Only 3 more nights until my honey comes home!)

That brings us to this lovely Monday afternoon. They must have put a shot of motivation in my coffee this morning. I’ve been going all day! KT and I went to the grocery store and I’ve been cleaning since we got back.  The kitchen is sparkling! Its amazing! My mother is not going to have a thing to clean when she comes later this week! 😉

I’m going to go back to my cleaning… have to head to the bas stop in 40 min or so.  Gotta use nap time to the fullest!

Until next time!


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