The Bane of My Tween’s Existence

I had the girl’s pictures done tonight. I’ve never had them taken together before. I know, I know I’m such a bad mommy. I was late doing KT’s 2 year pics.. and I realized while we were there that other than school pictures,  I haven’t had K’s done since she was 5. See.. I am a bad mommy. I can’t believe it’s been that long.

I joined Olan Mills photo club when I got KT’s done a few weeks ago… you get $5 sheets, a free 8 x 10 and you can get them done as many times as you want for a year with no sitting fees.  Which is the best excuse to do it. I wanted some of them together and some of just K.

I made the appointment a few days ago. When I told K about it, she was less than thrilled. She’s suddenly become camera-shy, and pictures are the bane of her existence.  I guess she’s at “that age.”  (I must be at “that age” too, I’m usually the one taking the pictures so I don’t have to be in them.) I told her I wanted to get the same kind of collage done as I did for KT, so they could be matching on the wall together.  She was not into the idea. She gave me many reasons why I shouldnt do it, and locations to hang them so no one would see it.

I had started hanging pictures that day. (Still unpacking!)  She didn’t want any of her pictures hanging. Which would be really hard since there are millions of her in the gazillion that I have to hang. In a moment of entertaining myself, I decided that I’d teach her a lesson about how much worse I could be about hanging her pictures up.

I have this “self-portrait” that she drew when she was in first grade. I think its precious. I have had it framed and always hanging since then. She hates it. I think she finds it embarrassing more than anything. You know.. she’s “that age.”  I decided I was going to hang it in a high traffic area for a few days.. just to mess with her.   So, I hung the picture that I normally have hanging above the fireplace (an 11 x 14 of my favorite wedding picture) just so it was in the right place. Then I took it back down and hung the self-portrait in its place.

She walked in the house yesterday after school… “Could you have put anything worse there?” HAHAHAHAHA! I thought it was hysterical actually. Here it is in its temporary place of honor. (That elephant made of cardboard tubes on the mantel is also a thorn in her side. She made it in art class in 5th grade.)

Self-portrait, Age 6 Grade 1

A better look

Am I mean? Maybe.Was it funny? Absolutely. She said I should take it down and hang it in her closet. LOL I did take it down tonight. But I will find it a new home tomorrow. It will hang it along with a picture she drew when she was 4, her handprints when she was 5 and she’s just going to have to deal.

Anyway- We went to the studio and KT hadn’t napped at all today so she was a MANIAC x100. It was crazy. But the photographer is pretty awesome, and she was enjoying the mania and doing everything she could to get the shot. Some of them were totally adorable, some of them didn’t work out so hot. I cant wait to get them!  The best was one where she was trying to get a shot of K standing by herself and KT crawls in the shot and sticks her head in between K’s legs. SO CUTE! It was totally my favorite of all of the ones where they were together.

And as for Miss I-don’t-want-my-picture-taken …. she had a good time. She even liked some of them. I know! Its crazy!  She looked very pretty and very grown up. It made me feel very old.  She is still 4 in my head sometimes… like she was the day I met her.

(And I decided we are going to do a family portrait for Christmas. I haven’t told hubby that yet… he’ll just have to deal.)

So… after Olan Mills got more money than I had planned to spend once again… We did a little shopping… which was just supposed to be KT picking out some special underpants for our adventure in potty training… we ended up with 6 pairs of undies, a bra for K that looks like denim with a peace sign on it which she “had to have,” and a dress for her too. Shockingly, it too had peace signs on it. It was on clearance and pretty cute. (Random thought: I wonder how many days she can go wearing peace sign clothes… She’s got an awful lot of them.)

And please note that is 2, count them- 1…2. TWO dresses for my pretty-close-to-a-tom-boy who “doesn’t like to dress up.” Maybe we’ll turn her into a girl after all…

Until next time…


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