To my daughter on your first day of Middle School

To my darling daughter-

15 things you should know on your first day of Middle School… and always.

1. Be yourself. You don’t have to try to be anyone but the friendly, kind, sweet, wonderful, brave, beautiful girl you are.

2. If people don’t like that, then you don’t need then as your friends.

3. Dont stand for people doing mean things to you. Stand up for yourself. Dont let yourself be bullied.

4. Should you get into a situation where you are being bullied, Tell me, tell your dad, tell a teacher- JUST TELL SOMEONE!

5. Always make sure your skirt is not tucked into anything when you come out of the bathroom. (underwear, pantyhose) Trust me on this one. So embarrassing.

6. Don’t write notes to cute boys and try to pass them to them in class. This too can be incredibly embarrassing, especially when your science teacher gets hold of it and reads it out loud to your entire class.

7. It’s okay to like whom ever you end up liking… its bound to happen sooner or later. Dont be afraid to like someone. And when your crush finds out, and they don’t like you back, it’s going to hurt. And that’s okay . If they were easy, and didn’t hurt, they’d call them something else.

8. Never be afraid to tell us anything. We will always be here for you, ready to listen, to help, and to do whatever you need.

9. always remember that the world isn’t going to end if we don’t let you do something that “everyone is doing.” We always have what we think are good reasons for our decisions. We are always willing to listen to what you have to say.

10. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

11. your decisions now, even the little ones, help shape the teenager you will be… you are going to want to do bigger and better things in the next few years.

12. You are going to make mistakes AND THAT’S OKAY. None of us got this far without making mistakes. Some BIG, some small. But mistakes were made by us all. (hey that rhymes). But the key is learning from those mistakes.

13. Not that there are many around anymore, and you do have the cell phone: Know how to make a toll call or a collect call from a pay phone. And make sure you know our phone numbers by heart.

14. Please continue to march to the beat of your own drummer. No matter what anyone else may tell you or think.

15. Know that you are LOVED, BEAUTIFUL, and an AMAZING person. You are the bravest person I know. And we are so very proud of you.


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