She survived her day… but gave me a heart attack

We walked to the bus stop this morning… the impending doom of her first day of middle school weighing hard on K’s shoulders.  We chit chatted, she said she got two “happy first day of school” text messages. One from my sister and one from her mother. I laughed because she commented on how her mother typed “B” instead of be. The text-speak seems to drive her crazy too. I asked if she wanted me to go stand with her at the stop, and she said no. I stayed across the street just to make sure she got on the bus okay, after all this was the first time she has ever taken the bus to school. As she walked across the street, KT freaked out screaming “Shee-shoooo! Sheeee-shoooo!” (That is “sister” in KT-speak). Then she cried that she wanted to take the bus too. by the time the bus actually came (10 minutes late) KT had calmed down, and K was chatting with a blonde girl. I told her she’d have a friend before she got on the bus.

Whew. Now I just had to deal with MY anxiety all day of how her day was going.  Since we were up way earlier than normal… I actually got some things done. We went to Target to get diapers. I might be weird, but I love Target first thing in the morning. I don’t know why exactly.. I think it just has a more mellow vibe at 9am. By the time we were checking out… we had diapers, goldfish crackers, several items from the $1 bin that were only $.50, back to school cards for my niece and nephew and $10 gift cards to go in them. So much for just diapers.

After we got home, We played outside… well, played isn’t the right word. KT dug in the sand,  dug in the dirt, threw the dirt and/or sand at any combination of me, the ground and the dog. When I couldn’t take it anymore,  back inside we went. Which meant practically a bath and fresh clothes. Then the portrait studio called and the last large picture of KT that we had taken a few weeks ago was done. So we ran over to Kmart to pick that up. I chatted with the lady there for a while, she wasnt busy at all. We left there with not only our portrait, but 3 pairs of shoes (2 for me, 1 for KT. Mine were Buy one Get one half off, and hers were 50% off the clearance price), a giant bag of dum dums and a bag of potting soil.

Then it was home for some gardening! I transplanted the hibiscus I bought a few weeks ago into the fancy pots I bought at IKEA. My garden helper was more counter-productive than anything. We were watering the plants and she was trying to fill up the watering can while holding it with one hand and the hose with the other; watering can dumping water out as fast as it was going in. It was cute and she tried really hard to help. she was a very good dirt scooper though.

I started emptying out the boxes of pictures to hang.  I have a gazillion pictures. I love to be surrounded by memories and the people I love. And FINALLY 3:30 rolled around. I got KT changed and juiced and we walked back up to the bus stop. We got there a couple of minutes before it was supposed to arrive. 3:46 goes by…. then its 3:50… 3:55… 4:00…. I keep telling myself: Okay, it’s the first day, the bus was late this morning, I’m sure they have to make sure everyone is on the right bus. Finally! A bus! Kids start unloading…. girl… boy…. girl, girl, not K, not K, boy…  then the bus pulls away. Um… that’s not good.  I stopped a girl and asked her what bus number it was… okay don’t panic. Not her bus.

4:05…. 4:10…. Woo hoo! Here comes her bus! Kids… boy… boy… girl.. girl.. girl, girl, not K, not K, not K,… boy…. The kids stop coming. Hmmmm….. THe bus is still sitting there…. then it pulls away!

WTF. She;s supposed to be on that bus. I fill with panic. What do I do!?!?!?! This is the part where I have a heart attack.  Breathe. Try her cell phone….

Voicemail. she didn’t turn it back on. Crap.

Call the school. Start walking swiftly home. By this time KT was passed out in the stroller. (Yay!)

“Um.. my daughter wasnt on her bus I don’t know what to do.”  I told them her name, and was put on hold. “Mam, we did have a bus break down.”  “No, there were two busses that came and went and she didn’t get off either one.” “Okay.. hold on again.”

As I am about 4 houses away from home… a neighbor stops me. “Are you looking for your kid too?” “Yea, she was supposed to be on that bus and she wasnt on either one.  I’m on hold with the school right now.”  Her daughter was MIA too. The office lady comes back on ” Mam, is there a number I can reach you at? I’m going to call transportation.” “Sure. and I was just talking to my neighbor and her daughter wasnt on the bus either.” “Hmmm… I’ll call you back.”

I get to the house, throw a sleeping KT in the truck. She calls back-

Apparently my wonderful-no-common-sense-having-doesnt-pay-any-attention-to-the-world-around-her-brand-new-bus-riding-seventh-grader DIDNT GET OFF THE BUS.

She “didn’t recognize the stop” and stayed on the bus. GEEEEEZ! WHEW! UGH! A million things go through my head, mostly relief. At least I know where she is.  The bus driver was going to bring her back around. (As it turns out, neighbors kid was not on the bus with her. I hope she found her.)

When she got off the bus the poor thing was crying her eyes out.  “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I reassured her that it was okay, and she wasnt in trouble and she just needed to pay attention. She felt really bad that the driver had to bring her back. She said she didn’t realize she wasnt supposed to be on there until she heard her name on the radio because “there were still kids on the bus.”  Oh well, at least she’ll know better next time. And I did read her the riot act about her phone.  This is the exact thing she has it for, not just to call her friends. You get on the bus, you turn it back on. Period. End of story.

Other than that little snafu, she seems like she had a good day. She said the class she thought she would hate most was her favorite (Social Studies) and the one she thought would be her favorite was not (Art).  She will be dissecting owl pellets, sheep eyes and frogs at some point during the year in Science class. OMG Dissecting sheep eyes- MOST.DISGUSTING.THING.EVER! YUCK!

It will be interesting to see what happens once she has homework that isn’t a page or two out of a workbooks and reading… REAL homework. Studying. Projects. That will be fun. Who am I kidding? It will be no fun at all. For either of us.

Until next time…


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