Wise beyond her years… at the ripe old age of 12

School starts tomorrow. My dear step daughter is going to 7th grade, her first year in Middle School. She is REALLY nervous. On top if it being her first year in the infamous “Middle School” this is her first year in this school district, she doesn’t know a single person there, and the first time ever riding the bus. (I have driven her to school every day since the first day of first grade.) She’s really getting hit with a triple whammy tomorrow. I totally get her nerves. But I keep reminding her that this is a foreign place for ALL of the 7th grade, not just her. I think that really helps, know that She’s not completely the “new kid.”

I know she will be fine. She has no problem making friends and school is like her safe place, so once she gets into the swing of things I know she will flourish.

In honor of today being her last day of summer vacation, we went out to a “Farewell Summer” dinner. We went to BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery. I love it there, everything is so yummy! K had never been, so I thought I’d go a little outside of our norm. (I “liked” them in Facebook yesterday, and havent stopped thinking about going there since.)

We had a nice dinner.. K had the “best pizza ever” a mini deep dish with sausage and tomatoes. I had a turkey club with fries and KT had a mini burger with rice that she surprisingly didn’t eat. She LOVES rice. You can’t go to BJ’s without getting dessert. The Pizzookie is to die for!

The Pizookie Trio

MMMMMMmmmmm! I was living on the wild side and we got the trio. Oh, if you aren’t familiar with this wonderous dessert, a Pizzookie is a freshly baked cookie topped with ice cream. We got three small portions of Peanut butter cookie, White Chocolate Macadamia and the traditional chocolate chip. It was good. K took her first bite and said “This is life changing!” KT was just chanting “I love cookie!”  I was just in peanut butter heaven.  Yep, we ate all of it.

All gone!

After dinner, we ran over to Ulta. I needed to get some makeup… I threw away all my eye makeup since I had that eye infection a couple of weeks ago. I wasnt sure what I had used right before it started so I just chucked it all. So $40 later we were heading home. K says: “I can’t believe that was as much as dinner was.” “yea well… i don’t spend a lot of money on my hair or most anything else for myself, but I LOVE my make up.” I wear Bare Escentuals by the way. Best.Makeup.Ever.  Its pricey, but I would marry it if I could. (Dont tell P, he might not appreciate that.lol) You’ve probably run across the Bare Minerals infomercial at some point. The one where you dip, tap and buff! Love it!

We get in the truck, and K asks when I started wearing makeup. I got a Cover GIrl or maybe it was Maybelline eye shadow quad for my 13th birthday. It had pink, green, blue and purple. I was hooked. Then I told her about my love of makeup. I seriously used to wear all that crazy colored mascara when it first came out… I remember having blue, green, purple, pink and yes, yellow. My mom HATED the pink and yellow. She said it made me look sick.Of course it did, especially when I wore pink mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, blush and lipstick all at the same time. I must have looked like a train wreck. But I thought it was cool. Oh those wacky 80’s!

After my little walk down memory lane, she told me that she really didn’t get makeup. “Why do people wear it?  I don’t see the point.” Which is a great attitude for her to have, me not wanting her to grow up and all.  Where do you even begin to start with that? Well, I wear it because I like it.  Some people wont leave the house without a full face of makeup. I’m not like that. Although, I’d rather leave with at least mascara and eye liner.( If I was stranded on a desert island, I would want mascara and eye liner. If I could only have one, it would be mascara.) Some people are insecure and are trying to cover up things that make them uncomfortable or that they don’t like about themselves. She said “I don’t think that’s right. People wearing makeup to hide things. Then they end up hiding from other people and hiding other things. All because they are insecure. “

“Everyone is insecure about something, not everyone likes everything about themselves. It all boils down to your self-esteem. You just have you not care what anyone thinks, and be proud of who you are.”   “I like to march to the beat of my own drummer. I don’t care what people think. And neither do my friends.” “And that’s why they are your friends. Because you just gravitate to each other like that. I want in any kind of clique in High School. My friends and I just did our thing, I definitely was my own drummer… Hello… yellow mascara!  And you will make the same kind of friends at this school.”   “Even if someone says something mean to you, it’s all about how you handle it.” “Exactly. You just have to let it roll off your back.”

“I guess makeup is okay if you just like it, and aren’t trying to hide anything, or impress anyone.”  “And sometimes a girl just needs to feel a little extra pretty.” “oh, and if it makes you feel good. That’s okay.”

“Wow K, how’d you get so wise?” “Um.. I think it’s because I read every book I can get my hands on.” I was hoping for “From my wonderful, wise parents.” But, I’ll take that. I can only hope that she keeps on marching to the beat of her own drummer… to keep that attitude throughout high school and beyond would be incredible. But she is a pretty amazing kid.

Until next time….


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