Another episode in the continuing saga of Sleep -vs- Bumps in the night..

If you are keeping track… The score is now Sleep-1 Bumps in the Night-3

This was my night.
12:34am: KT finally goes to sleep. The 6:30 nap- not a great plan.
1:30am: my iPhone finally finishes syncing. It seriously took forever!
1:35am: I actually doze off
2:15am: I wake up hacking on the phlegm in my throat/have to pee
2:25am: doze off again
2:55am: did I hear a noise that woke me up again?
3:00am: dog starts barking at the neighbor leaving
3:06am: dog starts barking at neighbor coming back. Where he went for 5 minutes I have no idea.
3:16am: dog starts freaking out with that something is out there bark, knocking something over, scaring the bejeezus out of me once again. I’m assuming there was a cat- Who obviously didn’t learn his lesson last time or didn’t get the meowmo (Get it, Meow + Memo? okay it was probably funnier in my head) about the giant dog in our yard who doesn’t like cats.
3:30am: can’t sleep so I downloaded some songs from iTunes that K asked for.
3:40am: found my toe ring that vanished stuck to the embroidery on my comforter.
3:43am: started writing this post
3:51am: wondering if I’m ever going to sleep….
4:00am: sprinklers come on… Man they are loud! I hate when I’m up for that.
4:02am: weird noise from outside downstairs- go make sure it was just the dog.
4:03am: yea it was a tail on the screen door. Let him in for a few minutes. He sneezes wildly and loudly to stir KT, he hunts a fly or two.
4:10am: fridge makes a really weird noise. That I’m hoping isn’t as bad as I think it could be. Well see if it’s still cold in a few hours.
4:14am: put the dog back outside and go back upstairs.
4:17am: pee and get back into bed… Let’s try this sleeping thing again.
4:30am: I actually fell asleep! Yay!
5:16:am: “Mama, I bump my head.  I want milk.” ugh.
5:30am: after getting milk, (Yay! the fridge is alive!) changing a diaper, cleaning up milk spilled on the bed five seconds after handing her the cup… Finally some sleep.
10:36am “Mama I want juice.”
And I’m up.


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