The two best things that happened today…

1. I found the $40 that I lost! WOOOO HOOOOO!  Yea, it was in the couch. (under the fold out table thingy.. I found it when I was looking for the remote!) The one place I did not look because when I realized I lost it a certain small person was sleeping there and I forgot to go back and look there! Oops!

Look! There it is!

2. I got a wonderful little card in the mail that read: Dear Erica- Your request to be excused from jury service on the summoned day has been granted.” Yay! Not that I didn’t want to go to jury duty… Okay I really didn’t want to go, but I would have.I’ve gone before. It’s just that my husband is sort of 2500 miles away, and I have no child care other than myself. If she was 3 and potty trained, she could go there with me to the kid room. But alas, she is not  3 or potty trained.   The summons said that you could be excused if you “care for another person and no other feasible arrangements can be made.” that would definitely be me.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull that off if I had to go… but now I don’t have to worry. Thank you Jury Services!

And the worst thing that happened today-

They are probably not going to let hubby come home (again) this weekend. UGH. I could seriously scream. Whatever. I guess I’ll get over it. He’s supposed to be home (for good) sometime between Wednesday and Saturday next week.  It’s just a few more days.. not like I haven’t seen him in three weeks or anything. grrr. But on the plus side- He is going to take some time off when he gets back and they supposedly aren’t going anywhere “anytime soon.” who knows what that really means though. They’ve sworn that before… At the Christmas party  the big big boss put his hand on my shoulder and swore to me “We’re going to make sure he’s home more this year.” Yea that’s happened so far..  NOT.

Oh the best thing I heard today: “Mama, that’s not a elbow. That a monkey! Ooo ooo Aaa Aaa!” LOL

Well.. Its time to watch my nightly dose of Friends, and try to win another battle for sleep. Until next time…


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