Sleep- 0 Bumps in the night- 2

Just as I was thinking that I seemed sort of calm tonight and I was actually going to go to sleep without freaking out.. the dog started barking. And not just regular barking but it was the “hey-there-is-someone-or-something-out-here-that-shouldn’t-be” bark accompanied by a noise. Great. So much for my nerves.

I looked out my bedroom window that faces the street and I didn’t see anyone. I did see a cat crossing a neighbors driveway. I think it was the cat that he was freaking out about. The more I think about it, the noise could have been a cat being chased over the fence and onto the trash cans. I didn’t hear it very clearly because the tv was on.

But even after the cat walked down the street he did bark a couple more times. Much to the dismay of my nerves. I didn’t see anything happening at the neighbors, and I went downstairs and turned te light on out back. The dog was pretty wound up… He was scratching at the door so I let him in. We’ll see how long that lasts this time.

Hopefully I can sleep now. I haven’t heard anything other than him licking himself over in the corner… But the night is still young. Ugh. I have too much to do tomorrow to sleep all day again. I have to get the house ready for it’s “yearly inspection” by the management company. Which I think is really weird since we’ve only beenhere for 2 months and I thought they wouldve inspected everything before we moved in. But whatever, there are a few things they could fix. And the letter we got said tht all the soiderwebs had to be cleaned off the outside of the house. Yea. That’s going to happen.

The patio has one of those sort of covered things going on.. Which is almost completely engulfed in spider webs. Because I’m going to go knok down webs above my head.. thank you. It gives me the Heebie jeebies just thinking about it!

Okay enough of that! It’s now 3am. Maybe sleep can finally win a round.


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