Sleep -vs- Things that go bump in the night

So it’s 2:34am. I was asleep.. Now I’m not. Ugh. I actually have to get up an do stuff in the morning.

I am not a fan of things that creek, snap, pop, click or go bump in the night. We’ve only been in this house for 2 months and I’m still not used to all the noises. It drives me crazy. It is really a wonder that I ever sleep at all. I must say that the plus side of when I was sick was that I was too exhausted to care about the noises and I just passed out. It was rather refreshing in a weird sort of way. I knew the day I was really feeling better because the “can’t sleep” replaced the “can’t stay awake.”

And It doesn’t make things any better when the dog starts randomly barking in the middle of the night either. Which is what happened moments ago. Ugh.

Some nights I think I would feel better if I could just sleep all day and stay up all night. But then would there be things that went bump in the day? Hmmmm……

Update: it is now 3:44am. I haven’t slept yet. I heard a really big, strange noise that completely freaked me out. So I decided to let the dog in. I sleep better sometimes if he’s in the house. I figure if the noise doesn’t bother him, it’s nothing to worry about. Which may or may not be true… But it makes me feel better. Anyway- I was getting all comfy when he decided that he didn’t actually want to be in the house and he kind of half barked. Sadly it was bark enough to wake KT. Ugh.

So now it’s almost 4am and I’m awake and so is the 2 year old. Yay. I need to be up in 3.5 hours. Maybe I’ll get to take a nap…. A girl can dream can’t she?


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